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Coast HP314 Ultra Distance Torch

Coast HP314 Ultra Distance Torch



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We’ve been fans of American brand Coast since their launch in the UK – their entire range offers the latest military and LED technology, and ‘bombproof’ aluminium construction, at ‘consumer’ prices – great value! This is their newest and most powerful to date, with optics specially optimised for distance use – at full power (1132 lumens) it will throw a pure white beam with no blemishes, rings, or dark spots almost half a mile, which you can focus from flood to spot light with a fingertip. Even its more economical setting (95 lumens) will reach 185m, and do so for up to 190hrs, and it features a strobe mode for emergencies. Packed in a rugged case, with a shoulder strap and 5 year warranty, it’s around 100 cheaper than torches of comparable power and build quality we’ve seen. If you need an incredibly bright light and ultimate reliability, try this – you will be amazed! Uses 4xD batteries (included).

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