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TruDesign Composite Non-Return Valve 2"

TruDesign Composite Non-Return Valve 2"


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TruDesign Non-Return Valves are used in-line to prevent water backflow or siphoning. They are full flow with low cracking (opening) pressures.


  • Manufactured from a high strength, UV stabilised Glass Reinforced Nylon composite - High strength and lightweight. Can be used in direct sunlight
  • High impact and tensile strength - “Water hammer safe” and insensitive to pressure shocks in the pipeline
  • Stainless spring - No corrosion issues or risk of internal valve staying open
  • Low cracking pressure - Minimal pressure required to open the valve with minimal restriction on flowrate
  • In line fitting - Minimal installation room needed and no other fittings required
  • Printed white arrow (opposite logo side) - Quick and easy identification of water flow direction
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