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Fortress Anchor FX11 - Boat Size 28-32 Foot - 3.2 KG

Fortress Anchor FX11 - Boat Size 28-32 Foot - 3.2 KG


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For over two decades, the much lighter Fortress® has out-performed substantially heavier steel anchors in holding power tests conducted around the world. In the US Navy tests, not only did the Fortress® anchors out-perform heavier steel anchors, they were also able to withstand pull loads that averaged over 200x their own weight, and without incurring serious damage, which was noted in the test report summary: €œ The fact that Fortress® anchors incurred no significant structural damage at such high holding ratios suggests that the anchors have been extensively engineered from both the hydrodynamic and structural standpoints.€

Fortress® anchors are constructed using a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminium magnesium alloy that is precision- machined into interlocking components with no welds to weaken the metal. This results in a lighter, easy to handle anchor with superior holding power. The anchors have been designed to be easily disassembled for compact storage, or as a spare and/or a storm anchor.

All Fortress® anchors are precision-machined for sharpness and quick penetration into common sea bottoms, which insures faster setting performance. Fortress® and Guardian® anchors also include precision €œMud Palms€ to aid setting in all bottom conditions and to solve the anchoring problems found in very soft mud. The Mud Palms are a set of plates that bolt on to anchor creating a €œlift€ to the crown of the anchor which causes the flukes to point more directly into the sea bed. This helps the anchor set faster in any bottom.

  • A worldwide reputation: the legendary Fortress, is unanimously claimed No:1 in terms of performance, quality and value. 
  • Disassembly feature combined with light weight made it easy to handle by any crew member.
  • Exclusive on Fortress:  the flukes can be adjusted from the normal 32deg angle to 45deg to increase holding power in soft mud bottoms by as much as 400%.
  • Boat length:  8m to 10m 
  • Weight:  3.2kg


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