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Glassfibre Repair Kit

Glassfibre Repair Kit


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Glass Reinforced Plastic (G.R.P.) is a versatile material.  Supplied as a liiquid polyester resin used in combination with strong glass fibre it can be formed into or over many shapes.  When cured it is hard rigid and strong but easily filed, primed and painted.  A glass fibre and polyester resin laminate is weather and waterproof and resistant to many chemicals

The Bonda Glassfibre Repair Kit can be used to repair holes, cracks, and splits in many materials - GRP, metal, wood, concrete and brick. It will also bond some plastics but not the oily types - PVC, polypropylene, nylon. paper and instructions.

Kit Contains

  • 250grs Bonda Resin
  • Catalyst & Measure
  • Mixing Cup
  • 36" x 12" Glassfibre Mat
  • Sand Paper
  • Instructions
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