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Harken Ratchamatic 57mm Carbo Cheek Block

Harken Ratchamatic 57mm Carbo Cheek Block



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Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Cheek Block - 2633
Ratchet senses load and engages automatically
Shifts seamlessly between ratchet and light air modes
Adjustable ratchet engagement
Free release under light load
Eight-sided, Hardkote-anodized aluminum sheave
Durable stainless steel ratchet pawl

  • Sheave dia. (mm) 57 
  •  Length (mm) 83
  • Weight (g) 89 
  •  Max. line dia. (mm) 10 
  •  SWL (kg) 227 
  •  Breaking strength (kg) 907 
  •  Holding power w/180 degree wrap 50 lb (23 kg) 10:1.


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