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Index Marine DG30 Cable Gland Plastic Drill Suit

Index Marine DG30 Cable Gland Plastic Drill Suit



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Index Marine DG30 Cable Gland Plastic Drill Suit.                    Ref17:  BA-INA1DG30P           M119

The DG30 cable gland is designed as an attractive low profile shape, which is available in various finishes. The entire DG series of glands are tested achieving the IP68 rating which ensures a perfect waterproof solution for various cable management applications.  Each unit is supplied with clear fitting instructions and A4 stainless steel fixings. 
The tapered seal ensures that the hole closes completely, creating a watertight seal around the cable. Ideal for electrical cabling applications and ducting through bulkheads, decks, and panels – i.e. VHF, Satnav, GPS and Radar installations.
Allows a cable to pass through a flat surface while protecting against the ingress of water and dust. Recommended for use on boats caravans and RV’s as well as data communication, construction and renewable energy industries due to its rugged design and capability to perform in the harshest of environments. 
Key Features:
  • Overall Dimensions: 60 x 19mm
  • Finish: Grey Plastic
  • Pre-drilled/User Configurable: User drills cable hole(s) to suit cable size(s)
  • Max Connector Size: 30mm
  • Max Cable Size: 0.5 to 25mm
  • Waterproof / dustproof (to IP68) gland with perpendicular cable entry.
Drilling instruction: Drill holes must be a minimum of 8mm from the edge of the bung and 6mm from other drill holes.
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