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Lalizas MICRO LED Folding Pole Light 25cm Black Housing

Lalizas MICRO LED Folding Pole Light 25cm Black Housing



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According to the COLREG 72, all pole lights should be placed higher than sidelights. Thus, it is easier for other boats to calculate their position in relation to your position and direction. Furthermore, a light
positioned lower maybe obscured by other objects or people. LALIZAS MICRO LED range of Pole Lights includes folding and plug in options, meeting all possible requirements by demanding boaters. This
innovative and elegant type of pole lights may be used on boats less than 12m as a white all-round stern light.

Material: Made of anodised aluminium tubing with polycarbonate lens and a glass reinforced nylon base
Housing: Available in grey and black housing
Visible distance: 1nm : 12/24V & 0,25W


Pole lights are positioned in such a way that they are higher than the sidelights and may be screwed into position.
Depending on the model, you can adjust the height of the light.


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