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TruDesign Aquavalve Vented Loop 38mm

TruDesign Aquavalve Vented Loop 38mm


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Vented loops with hose fittings can stop the dangerous siphoning back of fluids from tank to tank or into toilets and small engine cooling systems. The TruDesign Vented Loop is the only siphon-break fitting with no restriction through the entire internal diameter. Used in:
● Toilet discharge applications
● Toilet inlet applications
● Bilge pump outlet overboard
● Genset or small engine inlet cooling water systems
● Air conditioners
● Ballast tanks
Made of corrosion-resistant composite material which prevents degradation and leaks that occur with cheaper material products. The simple one-way breather valve at the top of the vented loop allows air to enter the line when not in use, thereby preventing siphoning - and yet seals when water or waste passes through the loop

TruDesign Part Number: 90323

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