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Crewsaver Mast Floats - 40 Litre

Crewsaver Mast Floats - 40 Litre



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Crewsaver Mast Floats. Ref16: CS-10086 Size: 40 Litre

  • New heavy duty fabric for increased durability
  • Greatly reduce the risk of damage and injury caused by capsize and sinking
  • Available in 9 or 40 litres of buoyancy
  • Designed in conjunction with sailing centres in both the UK and abroad
  • Only effective when correct buoyancy float is fitted, owners are responsible
  • Crewsaver Mast Floats do not guarantee to stop a boat inverting. The Mast Floats' performance will be hindered by conditions and strong tide, wind or swell or incorrect procedure).
  • N.B. Not suitable for boats without anchoring
  • Size:  40 Litre


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