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2 x Buoyant Deck Cockpit Cushion - Double - Red

2 x Buoyant Deck Cockpit Cushion - Double - Red



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2 x Buoyant Deck Cockpit Cushion - Double - Red.  Ref15:  LA-11514

Buoyant Deck Cushions are equipped with a waterproof outer material and are fitted with polyethylene foam. There are integral straps around the cushions, so as to carry them easily and quickly. The cushion lock on you boat through a nylon hook at their back. Buoyancy cushion are either single or double, depending on your needs. The cushions are made of polyester with PVC overlay. It is recommended cleaning the cushions with cold fresh water

  • Buoyancy:  19kg
  • Weight:  1.20kg 
  • Dimensions:  Width 40cm x Length 83cm x Depth 6.5cm
  • Colour:  Red


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