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35mm Anza Platinum Paint Brush

35mm Anza Platinum Paint Brush



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35mm Anza Platinum Paint Brush.  Ref17:  MI-HA-149535

  • Platinum is designed for users who demand the highest quality.
  • Flat brushes are suitable for painting doors and woodwork.
  • The brushes are extremely durable and have very high paint pick-up and give excellent coverage, which ultimately means that you save time.
  • The synthetic filament heads are of the highest quality, developed for all indoor and outdoor paints (both water-based and oil-based).
  • It is also developed for precision painting and gives a superior finish and a perfect end results without leaving any marks.
  • Platinum brushes have ergonomically designed handles with ribbing and several different grip zones for greater precision with each grip.
  • The brushes also have stainless steel ferrules and Anza’s patented pail hanger and brush rest.
  • Size:  35mm

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