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Water Tank Inspection Porthole / Connection Plate

Water Tank Inspection Porthole / Connection Plate


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AF Water Tank Inspection Porthole/Connection Plate.

This is optional for low and medium profile but standard on high profile AF Freshwater Rigid water tanks. 

Porthole/Connection plate consists of:


  1. Removeable  11/2" BSP filler cap fitted with tank vent screw.
  2. 3/8" BSP(F) connection suitable for use with hose connector or push fit pipe fittings. Includes 45cm suction hose below.
  3. 3/8" BSP(F) connection for breather.
  4. 3/8" BSP(F) spare connection.
  5. Space to fit flange-mount type tank senders.

NB: The pre-marked hole must be cut in the Inspection Porthole/Connection Plate to allow fitting of the sender.


Ref: AF-9-97050 




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