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Airhead Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope

Airhead Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope



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Airhead Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope. Ref15: MZ-16278

All wakeboarders can benefit from a professional grade no-stretch rope. Airheads carbon fibre look, spectra fusion wakeboard rope provides the crisp response that expert wakeboard riders demand and all wakeboarders benefit from.  A braided poly-E Fusion jacket protects the Spectra core.  The line is stiff and rigid, resists kinking and twisting, floats and has a 2,000lb break strength.  The 70 foot wakeboard rope has 3 take offs in the mainline and a 5 foot handle bridle (5,50,5,5,5).  The 15 inch wide EVa grip is eye catching and provides a great grip.  A Rope keeper is included for tangle free storage

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