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Aquamarine Atlantic 4500 - 2 Burner Hob Cooker with Oven & Grill

Aquamarine Atlantic 4500 - 2 Burner Hob Cooker with Oven & Grill



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Aquamarine Atlantic 4500 - 2 Burner Hob with Oven & Grill.                                  Ref: BA-AQM60208

The compact Aqua Marine Atlantic 4500 cooker offers an oven with an integrated grill and a two burner hob in a small neat stainless steel case. The Aqua Marine Atlantic 4500 marine cooker comes complete with gimballed pan support, oven shelf, a grill pan and a built in thermometer. The marine cooker is made from stainless steel making it particularly suitable for the marine environment, it features a glass oven door with stainless steel oven interior making for easy cleaning.

The compact design of the Aqua Marine Atlantic 4500 cooker makes it one of the smallest cookers available with Flame Failure Devices fitted to each burner, therefore, complying with the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) on the inland waterways. If the flame goes out for any reason, then the gas will automatically stop. The reduced depth of the cooker means it should fit into even the smallest of galleys.

Key Features:

  • One large burner
  • One small burner
  • Integrated grill
  • Flame Failure Safety Cut Outs on all burners
  • Can be used with either butane or propane gas
  • Built in thermometer
  • Complete with Pan Clamps and Gimbals
  • Robust Feet
  • Carry Handles
  • Secure Oven Door Lock
  • Grill safety deflector
  • Pan Support
  • Oven Shelf
  • Grill Pan


Height 395mm
Height with Pan Clamps 485mm
Width 450mm
Width with Pan Clamps & Gimbals 490mm
Depth 315mm
Depth with Gas Fitting & Handle 400mm
Gas Butane or Propane
Parker Gas Cookers Range Baby Cooker Nautical Range in Stainless Steel
Parker Gas Cookers Model FO600NA /G

Click Here to see Atlantic 4500 User Manual.

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