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Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pump 1200 GPH 12 Volt

Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pump 1200 GPH 12 Volt


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Attwood Tsunami Bilge Pump 1200 GPH 12 Volt.  Ref17:  MA-4612-7

Tsunami bilge pump deliver powerful water output in 500 gph, 800 gph and 1200 gph capacities.  They circulate around the pump motor housing, helping to absorb the heat given off by the operating motor.  The patented shaft seal centres directly on the motor shaft, preventing leaks caused by misalignment.  The moulded two wire seal is permanently fused to the  insulation to prevent a leak path.  Wiring is caulked and tinned to eliminate wicking, prevent water damage and resist corrosion.  Secured directly to the hull - no bracket required.  All pump housings are made of a rugged glass and mineral filled polymer that withstands hull pounding and resists chemical.  Not just fuel, oil and detergents that accumulate in teh bilge, but also the plasticizer used in most hoses.  These plasticizers can break down the chemical composition of the materials used in other pumps.

  • Model No:  T1200
  • Water Output:  1200gph
  • Amp Draw:  3.5
  • Fuse Size:  5
  • Hose Size:  28.5mm (1 1/8")
  • Height:  111mm (4 3/8")
  • Width:  79mm (3 1/8")

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