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Barton 8 Single Speed Winch

Barton 8 Single Speed Winch



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These composite winches are a versatile alternative to more common place aluminium versions. They are suitable for a wide range of applications on yachts of all sizes - as primaries for yachts up to 30ft, or as spinnaker sheet and halyard winches on larger yachts. They offer significant cost and weight savings over heavier metal alternatives.
Three models are available - a single speed 8:1 and a two speed 16:1 and 23:1 version.

Virtually self lubricating and corrosion resistant, the ingenious use of advanced materials ensures uniformly consistent performance and reliability.
Barton winches feature a silver top ring as standard, but optional coloured rings are supplied in Red, Blue and Green. These enable you to colour code winches to control lines, Port/Starboard or just to match the colour scheme of your boat.


  • 8 Single Speed 



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