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Bathyscope Mini Aquascope Underwater Viewer

Bathyscope Mini Aquascope Underwater Viewer

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Bathyscope Mini Aquascope Underwater Viewer. 

A sturdy tool designed to see under the water from the comfort of a boat or dry land. Observing the underwater aquatic life, for education, entertainment or business. You may discover a complete new world of the sea, lake, or river. Can be used to observe sea life and reefs, check anchor hold, inspect traps, locate bait, clam beds and schools of fish before casting your line.

The user can locate lost items in the water without getting wet. It is available in Mini size making its storage and use easier. Made of high quality Polystyrene material with a tempered glass bottom, surrounding grip and soft PVC rubber eyepiece on top.  


  • Length: 39cm 
  • Depth: 18cm 
  • Width: 21cm
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