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Bep 700 Easyfit Battery Switch 275A - On / Off

Bep 700 Easyfit Battery Switch 275A - On / Off



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Bep 700 Easyfit Battery Switch 275A - On / Off                                                 Ref18: 8-90000

Following customer feedback about installations where switches need to be recessed through varying thicknesses of panels BEP developed the 700 Easyfit switch. It achieves this through an easily removable threaded ring allowing for panel thicknesses up to 19mm (3/4").

It uses the same features as the 701 with the removable key 45deg past the off position labelled handle and a removable back cover covering exposed terminals to meet ABYC specifications.

The switch can also be surface mounted offering a unique style compared to other switches available on the market. The 700 Easyfit switch can easily be retro - fitted in place of most European post and lever type switches.

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