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Blue Sea 12v DC Plug

Blue Sea 12v DC Plug


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Blue Sea 12v DC Plug  AF


  • Corrosion resistant materials to ensure solid contact and low voltage drop
  • Internal strain relief and cord seal
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of wet environments and constant vibration
  • Large contact surfaces for good electrical connection
  • Twist lock system - plug locks securely into socket
  • Nickel plated copper alloy used for all current carrying components
  • Plug features LED on indicator, sealing ring to keep out spray, strain relief and built-in 10 amp fuse
  • Front panel, rear panel or surface mount (if 8-21014 fitted)
  • Surface mounting socket bracket available (8-21014)
  • Socket features a watertight cap, easy installation and interlocks with plug
  • 8-21012 Cord reaches up to 6'
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