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Boaties Rectangular Frying Pan

Boaties Rectangular Frying Pan



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Frustrated trying to fit a round frying pan onto a square stove? 

Boaties Square Frying Pan specifically designed to fit your boat's stove. Ref BA-BP001, QS2

Designed to fit recreational stoves which are normally compact and have limited cooking area.The Boaties Fry Pan's rectangular shape gives maximum cooking area for minimum stove area. It measures 25cm x 20cm with deep 4.5cm vertical sides creating a pan with a cooking area greater than a 25.5 cm round pan.

The pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminium, to give good heat transfer and even cooking temperature right into the corners. The inside of the pan is finished with two layers of high quality non-stick coating to. The exterior is a cheerful red silicon paint.

The pan has a stainless steel base and can be used on gas, electric and induction hobs.

 The handle is strongly riveted and fits over most retaining rails. It is compact to minimise the overhang from the stove and has an ovenproof Silicon grip, but care should be taken as the grip will get extremely hot. The maximum oven temperature is 220 Degrees C.

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