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Bravo Dual Force High Pressure Hand Pump

Bravo Dual Force High Pressure Hand Pump



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Bravo Dual Force High Pressure Hand Pump.                       Ref: MZ-15154

The ultimate SUP pump. Double the speed, double the pressure and halve the effort with the Dual Force HP. Dual Force HP has taps on the rear of each cylinder which are used in three configurations to reach the right pressure with the least effort.

Suitable to inflate an SUP, boat, tent & kayak to high pressures as easily as possible.


  • The hose is on the unit not the handle where it is held static.
  • The pressure gauge is on the unit not the end of the hose where it’s easy to read.
  • Each cylinder uses an external aluminium connection tube which increases the pump efficiency.
  • The handle ends are removable and the feet flip up for space saving storage.
  • The 1.25m hose is supplied fitted with a High Pressure nozzle and an additional rubber washer for HP valves of unusual depth.


  • Maximum pressure is 22psi
  • Unit total capacity 4.1 L
  • Inflate and deflate
  • Switch Position One: 0 - 5.8psi (0.4bar)
  • Switch Position Two:  5.8psi – 11.6psi (0.8bar)
  • Switch Position Three:  11.6psi – 22psi (1.51bar)

To use the Dual Force HP on boston and pinch valves, you need Bravo Adaptor HP Nozzle to Boston & Pinch Valves - Click Here

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