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Bravo Four Piece Kayak Canoe Paddle - 220cm

Bravo Four Piece Kayak Canoe Paddle - 220cm



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Bravo Four Piece Kayak Canoe Paddle - 220cm.           Ref15:  MZ-1512

For storage and transportation that paddle can be broken down into four parts. Features an aluminium shaft offering ease of use.

Main picture shows two paddles for illustrative purpose. You will receive one paddle.

Key Features:

  • Four pieces, ideal for small / cramp storage
  • Aluminium shaft 
  • Push button joint
  • Curved Blade
  • Sculptured polypropylene blade reinforced with 40% fibreglass
  • 2 x Blade
  • 2 x Aluminium Pole


  • Overall Length: 220cm 
  • Blade Piece Length: 553mm
  • Blade Piece  Width: 175mm
  • Aluminium Pole Piece Length: 720mm
  • Aluminium Pole Piece Dia: 29mm
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