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Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure Sealant

Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure Sealant


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Creeping Crack Cure Penetrating Sealant.  Ref:  MZ-49200 (Single)

This penetrating water-based sealant is formulated to be so thin that by using capillary action it can find its way INSIDE fine cracks and set to a CLEAR flexible seal

Uses About The House

Leaks in flat roofs & conservatories; cracks in slates; brickwork & concrete.  Penetrated and seals ageing joinery eg old front doors, window, casements & frames; window putty and sills, stained glass windows; rubber seals, kitchen worktop joints and around inset sinks & hobs.  Dripping plug waste surrounds. Shower trays & cracked vases, ceramics, fish tanks etc.

Uses For The Caravan

Leaks around windows, metal and rubber trim & fittings; rivets; gullies & skylights.

Uses For The Boat

Leaking windows, portlights, decks, coachroofs, deck houses etc., cracked planks, centreboard casings and around all deck fittings

Compatible with wood, rubber, glass, metals, 'Perspex' some rigid plastics, glass fibre, ceramics, concrete, brickwork and old sealants. Will not dissolve polystyrene



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