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Starbrite Star Tron Enzyme Diesel Additive - 250ml

Starbrite Star Tron Enzyme Diesel Additive - 250ml



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Starbrite Star Tron Enzyme Diesel Additive - 250ml

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multi-functional fuel additive which uses a unique enzyme technology that allows all engines to start easily and run smoothly, even after sitting idle for months. Star Tron® eliminates and prevents fuel problems. Star Tron breaks down excess water and sludge to sub-micron size, allowing it to be safely burned away during normal engine operation. Star Tron was rated “Best Choice” in an independent review of the seven most popular diesel treatments that guard against fuel-tank corrosion. 

Star Tron® increases fuel economy by cleaning the entire fuel delivery system, removing performance robbing gum, and varnish deposits while modifying how fuel burns. This results in more complete and uniform combustion, maximum performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and reliable operation. Star Tron eliminates carbon build-up from burners, injectors, and exhaust components Star Tron will stabilize fuel for up to two years, preventing the formation of gums and other solids that clog fuel injectors. Star Tron can help rejuvenate old and sub-spec fuel.

Star Tron is safe for all engines and overdosing is not harmful. Available in four convenient concentrations for both gas and diesel.


  • Helps increase fuel economy
  • Makes engines start easier, run smoother
  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Disperses moisture
  • Reduces all emissions, including carcinogenic, particulate smoke – eliminates diesel soot
  • Stabilizes diesel fuel for up to two years
  • Lowers fuel system maintenance
  • Eliminates carbon build-up from burners, injectors and exhaust components

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