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Solar Powered Ventilator With Rechargeable Battery and Switch

Solar Powered Ventilator With Rechargeable Battery and Switch



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Solar powered roof ventilator is suitable for Power Boats, Sail Boats, Yachts and Caravans, where ventilation is required to keep humidity out or maintain a constant background intake of fresh air.

Requires only Solar power. Internal Rechargeable battery and Switch included. No external battery or switch wiring required to operate. Can be left installed with zero maintenance.

Internal rechargeable battery stores power to operate on days with poor sunlight. This 3” ventilator can move 700 cubic ft of air for up to 30 hours with no sunlight, on a full charge.

Supplied with both Intake and Exhaust fan blades, can be fitted as interchangeable intake or exhaust ventilator.

Designed to be operational during light rains and prevent water ingress. To prevent water ingress during hosing down or stormy weather, ventilator intake can be fully shut-off from inside the caravan/boat.

Outer body is white and will match most exterior boat / caravan decor.

  • Internal Insect grill.
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Housing Colour: White
  • Size: 191.5mm(Outer Diameter), 80mm(Height)




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