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Coast CL20R Rechargeable Clamp Lamp & Power Bank - Up To 1750 Lumens

Coast CL20R Rechargeable Clamp Lamp & Power Bank - Up To 1750 Lumens



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This robust and incredibly versatile lamp pumps out a clear, white light of up to 1750 lumens - enough to illuminate an entire room.

  • It can hang, stand, clamp, or magnet into virtually any position for convenient hands-free use. It’s rechargeable, via USB cable (supplied), a battery level indicator shows you how long you’ve got left, and it can even be used as a power pack to recharge your phone or other device.
  • Engineered with the COAST Dual Power system, the rechargeable CL20R runs on a built-in COAST ZITHION battery. In addition to the ZITHION Rechargeable battery, the CL20R can also be continuously run using standard AC/DC power.
  • To continuously run the Clamp Light, plug the USB-C cable (included) into the Clamp Light and plug the cable into an available power source, then turn the light on. While in a continuous run, the CL20R will operate at a single setting at a reduced level.
  • A battery life indicator ensures you know when more power is needed, and the battery also doubles as a power bank for external devices.
  • Measures 18x9x20cm in use. 
  • IP54 water/dust resistance.
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