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Cobra HH500 Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio With Bluetooth

Cobra HH500 Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio With Bluetooth



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Cobra HH500 Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio With Bluetooth                 Ref: MA-HH500FLTBTEU

The MRHH500 FLT BT EU is our legacy handheld VHF radio and now features Bluetooth® connectivity so you can make and receive calls right from your VHF radio. Get access to Cobra’s Rewind-Say-Again® feature so you never miss a VHF call. This compact floating radio features Bluetooth® Wireless Technology to make and receive phone calls. It will keep your cell phone safe and dry while communicating loud and clear. It also features Cobra’s exclusive Rewind-Say-Again digital voice recorder so you will never miss a VHF radio call. It features 6 Watts of power for longer range communications and full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm tones for weather emergencies. It also includes all of the core features like; Noise canceling microphone, NOAA weather radio, Weather Alert, JIS7/IPX7 rated submersible and BURP.

This radio comes with:

  • 1 x Cobra HH500 Radio
  • 1 x 1000mAh LiON Polymer Rechargeable Battery (black color)
  • 1 x Locking Desktop Charger
  • 1 x AC Adapter with North America Plug
  • 1 x 12V DC Accessory Plug
  • 1 x  Replacement Antenna
  • 1 x Spring-Loaded Belt Clip.

Key Features:

  • Floating: Never lose your radio. Floating design and orange core makes retrieving radio easy if dropped overboard.
  • 6 Watt VHF: Select between 1, 3 and 6 Watts for short and long range communication.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone: Blocks background noise for clearer conversations.
  • BURP: Vibrates water out of the speaker grill and improves speaker performance.
  • JIS7: Rated submersible and rugged to JIS7 (IPX7) specifications
  • International, CANADA & USA Channels: Allows operation on any of the three (3) different channel maps established for these areas
  • Rated Submersible: Meets JIS7 (IPX7) standards; submersible for 30 minutes in one meter deep water
  • External Speaker/ Microphone Jack: Connect Cobra speaker mic accessories for hip or body worn operation
  • Instant Channel 16: Instant access to channel 16 for emergency situations
  • Unlimited Memory Channels: Allows programming of unlimited channels for easy retrieval or scanning
  • Tri-Watch: Monitors three (3) channels at once - channel 16 and two (2) user selected channels
  • Scan: Scan all channels to find conversations in progress
  • Memory Scan: Scan channels programmed in memory to find conversations in progress
  • Signal Strength Meter: Shows the strength of the receiving and transmitting signal
  • Button/Key Lock: Locks function buttons/keys to eliminate accidental change of settings
  • Battery With Charge Contacts: Allows charging of batteries in unit
  • Illuminated Function Keys: Allows high visibility of function keys
  • Selectable Key Tone BEEP: Beep Key tone press beeps can be turned off to silent operation
  • Large, Illuminated LCD Display: Allows high visibility of display
  • ATIS: Capable of Operating within the Automatic Transponder Identification System. ATIS includes data at the end of a transmission for station identification.


  • Battery Requirements: Cobra Battery Pack CM 110-026
  • Unit Dimensions: 4.75” H x 2.66” W x 2.09” D (121 mm x 67 mm x 53 mm) not including antenna
  • Unit Weight (lbs.): 0 lb., 9.24 oz. (262 g.) with Lithium-Ion battery

Cobra HH500 FLT Manual

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