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Collano Semparoc Polyurethane Adhesive - 800g

Collano Semparoc Polyurethane Adhesive - 800g

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Collano Semparoc polyurethane (PUR) adhesive is a high performance adhesive. It is a reliable glue that lightly foams in contact with the air to fill gaps between glued surfaces. With some practice and when used in the right place, polyurethane adhesives are unbeatable.

There is one adhesives relevant to wooden boat building and repair, Semparoc 60. Top-quality adhesive that foams when exposed to air, to fill gaps between surfaces. Semparoc 60 has the ultimate strength. One component polyurethane adhesives combine high performance with ease of use, making them suitable for professionals and amateurs alike. They react with moisture to cure, so the moisture content of the woods to be glued, as well as the moisture content of the air, affects the hardening time. The reason that Semparoc 60 is a bit stronger is that it contains very thin fibres, which make a stronger consistency when set. It also has a stronger tearing resistance when the timbers glued are particularly strong in themselves.

Enabling complex structures to be assembled before the glue cures. These adhesives do not dissolve in water. They have excellent resistance to repeated wet/dry cycles, and can be used with resinous woods like teak and acacia. The bond line, although completely water resistant, is breathable so allows for moisture variations in the timber and does not create a moisture barrier. 

  • Water resistant: Yes
  • For use on hard and softwoods: Yes 
  • Application temperature: +10 to +30˚C
  • Open time +/-: 1 hour
  • Pressure time: 3-4 hours at 20˚C
  • Pressure: 0.2-0.8 N/mm2
  • Density: 1.25g/ml
  • Water resistance: C4 in accordance with EN12765
  • Flamability & heat resistance Hardly flammable.
  • Resistant to +120˚C
  • Spread rate 100-300g/M2

Collano Semparoc Polyurethane Adhesive Datasheet

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