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Echomax Fibre Rod Fixing Mount Kit for EM230I / EMA03I

Echomax Fibre Rod Fixing Mount Kit for EM230I / EMA03I



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Echomax Fibre Rod Fixing Mount Kit for EM230I / EMA03I.               Ref19: MZ-38132

Three piece 60cm tapered glass fibre kit specially manufactured for Echomax for mounting their SOLAS inflatable ball reflector EMA03i or tubular EM230i on life rafts.

"The maximum range a radar reflector can be detected at is seriously affected by the height it is mounted at due to wave obscuration and the curvature of the Earth, we, in common with the UK MCA's Marine Notice 1481 recommend a minimum height of 1.5m above sea level to the lowest part of the reflector element. To this aim we provide a three piece fibreglass pole set that can be mounted in the antenna socket on many liferafts"

3 x 60 cm Glass fibre Mounting Rods

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