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Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound - 3KG

Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound - 3KG



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Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound - 3KG.                          Ref: MI-FA-PRE306-3

Our “liquid sandpaper”, Profile 100 Extra is a coarse, water-based cutting compound designed for aggressive compounding on tough resins and gel coats. It removes P600 dry sanding marks from most substrates, leaving a relatively low gloss finish. Profile 100 Extra is often used in the first stage of a two-step polishing process when high gloss is required.

This Product is an update and replacement for Farecla Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste Compound 3.2kg.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive compounding paste for tough resins and gelcoats
  • Leaves a low gloss finish
  • Ideal for plugs and moulds
  • 100ml sample tube now available

Farécla are pleased to announce that – after painstaking customer research and consequent product development – a number of changes have been made to the Profile range that offer significantly enhanced clarity and information to assist end users. For recent SKU specific changes, see the “Further Details” section.

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