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Farecla Profile 350 Premium Liquid Compound - 1 Litre

Farecla Profile 350 Premium Liquid Compound - 1 Litre



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Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound - 1 Litre.                  Ref17:  MI- FA-PRL101               Z96

Profile Premium Liquid Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound which removes P1200 or finer sanding marks from production gel coats and painted finishes, and is the perfect solution for restoring oxidised and weathered gel coat surfaces.

Great on dark Colour, it delivers a high gloss finish and is used as a one step product on white gel coats and as the first stage of a two part compounding process where higher gloss and lower swirl is required.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for Production Gel Coats & Weathered Gel Coats
  • Time & Money Saved
  • High Quality Abrasive
  • Clean To Use
  • Reduced Heat Build Up
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