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FatStick Inflatable Drop Stitch Kayak - 2 Person

FatStick Inflatable Drop Stitch Kayak - 2 Person



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This Inflatable 2 Person Drop Stitch Kayak is the perfect kayak package for your next outdoor adventure. Featuring a light-weight, drop stitch construction, this inflatable kayak is easy to transport and set up. With its rugged, durable design, this kayak is built to last and is suitable for any lake or ocean.

The drop stitch technology used is the same technology as Fatstick's Inflatable Paddle Boards. This will mean the kayak will be extremely rigid giving fantastic performance characteristics.

The Kayaks will be sold as a full package including Bag, Paddle(s), Pump & Seat(s)

Package Includes 

  • Premium double action pump
  • 2 x Double sided, lightweight 4-piece aluminium paddles.
  • 2 x Removable kayak seats.
  • x1 Storage Back Pack 
  • 2 x Feet Supports
  • Cargo straps front/rear

Specifications (2 person kayak) 

  • Length: 15’5’’.
  • Width: 32’’.
  • Thickness: 10cm side wall + 8cm bottom.
  • No. of Chambers: 3(Two side wall + bottom).
  • Net Weight: 18kg.
  • Max Person: 2
  • Max Capacity: 330kg
  • Package Size: 95cm x 55cm x 37cm
  • Inflation Pressure: 12psi


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