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Fusion Apollo MS-WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo

Fusion Apollo MS-WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo


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The Apollo WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo is compact in design but still offers superior audio quality in up to four separate audio zones. The stereo can be Controlled from a compatible multifunction display (MFD), smart device or Garmin smartwatch.

  • Custom audio profiles for each zone on the boat deliver superior quality audio
  • Audio streaming with Wi-Fi technology provides high-quality audio with a faster data transfer rate
  • Experience seamless high-quality audio streaming from music apps via the AirPlay 2 software feature
  • Enjoy the freedom of musical choice with PartyBus - Network technology
  • Multi-Zone Technology gives control of up to four separate audio zones
  • Control the music from a compatible multifunction display (MFD) smart device or Garmin smartwatch.

Amplify The Moment

The Apollo WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo is compact in design but still offers superior audio quality in up to four separate audio zones.

Designed And Engineered To Fusion True-Marine Standards - Built on the True-Marine design philosophy from Fusion, the Apollo WB675 stereo has been tested to a high level of protection against salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV.

Compact Design - Designed to save space at the helm, Apollo WB675 can be hidden away in the dash or mounted in a variety of areas such as storage lockers, inside helm consoles and other concealed compartments.

Superior Sound Quality In Every Environment

Fusion Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - A technically superior listening experience made simple, Fusion DSP optimises the audio signal delivered to the Fusion system to produce superior sound quality at all volume levels, in every listening environment.

Easy-To-Install DSP Profiles - With just a few clicks on a compatible smartphone, setting up DSP profiles is made simple with the free Fusion-Link app. Quickly set up the preconfigured DSP profiles once and enjoy listening to high-quality audio customised for the onboard environment.

Ethernet For Wi-Fi Connectivity

Gain WI-FI Capabilities - Connect the Apollo WB675 stereo via Ethernet to a wireless network router, Garmin MFD or Apollo Series stereo network, and enjoy Wi-Fi audio streaming and over-the-air software updates.

Audio Streaming With WI-FI - Enjoy the clarity and premium quality of audio streaming with Wi-Fi technology, including the convenience of AirPlay 2 from Apple and universal plug-and-play (UPnP).

Over-The-Air Software Updates - Updates are now available from a compatible smartphone or device, via the free Fusion-Link app. The Apollo Series is intelligently simple and easy to keep up to date.

Enjoy Freedom Of Musical Choice Across The Entire Boat

Stereo Grouping - Grouping allows the linking up of multiple Apollo Series stereos connected to the same network and play the same audio source synchronised across all stereos.

Volume Control - Scroll through available zones on the boat, and enjoy independent volume control, or select ALL volume to adjust a group of stereos at once.

Power Options - Power options allow the device to turn on any connected Apollo Series stereo in standby mode on the PartyBus-Network remotely from another Apollo Series stereo.

Home Zone - Home Zone is the physical zone on board the boat in which the stereo is installed. After adjusting audio in another zone, the stereo defaults to control of the Home Zone after a period of inactivity.

Enjoy More Audio Source Options Than Ever Before

Freedom Of Choice To Listen To Anything - Take advantage of the many source options available, including the AirPlay 2 feature, Bluetooth technology, UPnP, optical audio, DAB+ radio, AM/FM radio, AUX and USB connections.

Enjoy Seamless And Easy Control Of The Apollo WB675 Stereo

Full Control From The APOLLO ERX400 Remote - Control the Apollo WB675 stereo by connecting the Apollo ERX400 wired remote via Ethernet and enjoy the full Apollo user experience including PartyBus-Network functionalities.

Control From A Compatible MFD - Looking for a more streamlined system? Connect the Apollo WB675 to a compatible MFD using an Ethernet or NMEA 2000 network connection without the need for an additional wired remote.

Control More Audio Zones - Control up to eight independent audio zones by connecting a second Apollo WB675 stereo via Ethernet to a router or Ethernet switch (additional stereo sold separately). Then Control both Apollo WB675 stereos from the Apollo ERX400 wired remote.

In The Box

  • Fusion Apollo MS-WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo
  • Four 8-gauge, self-tapping screws
  • Power and speaker wiring harness
  • Auxiliary-in, line-out, and subwoofer-out wiring harness
  • Line-out and subwoofer-out wiring harness
  • 6 ft (2 metres) NMEA 2000 drop cable
  • Documentation
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