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Hempel Brilliant Gloss Marine Paint - 750ml

Hempel Brilliant Gloss Marine Paint - 750ml



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Hempel / Blakes Enamel Single pack urethane topcoat, with high opacity, clean Colour. Hempel / Blakes is specially formulated for easy application and an exceptionally good finish. For use above the waterline.


  • Matterhorn White   HP-53200-10121
  • Town Grey   HP-53200-10141
  • Pure White   HP-53200-10231
  • Off White    HP-53200-10381
  • Polar White   HP-53200-10501
  • Pale Grey   HP-53200-12011
  • Smoke Grey   HP-53200-12221
  • Black   HP-53200-19990
  • Cream   HP-53200-21401
  • Britania Blue   HP-53200-31810
  • Flag Blue   HP-53200-35141
  • Ice Blue   HP-53200-38140
  • Marine Green   HP-53200-46121
  • Survival Orange   HP-53200-50190
  • Bordeaux Red   HP-53200-53121
  • Radiant Red   HP-53200-54121
  • Souvenirs Blue   HP-53200-32800  
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