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Hempel High Protect II - 750ml

Hempel High Protect II - 750ml



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For use above and below the waterline. An excellent osmosis protection or treatment which can be applied at, and will dry to, a very high film thickness. Can be a substitute for Light Primer where solvent emissions are a consideration. Do not thin.

Hempel's High Protect II 35780 is a two-component, solvent-free, high-build epoxy for osmosis protection and treatment. Easy to apply with good tolerance to environmental conditions. Forms a hard, tough, water-resistant coating.

For use as a primer below the waterline on boats made of glass fibre or steel. Prevention and repair of osmotic blistering in the glass fibre both above and below the waterline.


  • Cream  - HP-35780-24700
  • Grey - HP-35780-13700
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