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Hempel Ecopower Cruise Biocide-Free Antifouling - 2.5 Litre

Hempel Ecopower Cruise Biocide-Free Antifouling - 2.5 Litre



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Biocide free bottom paint protecting the epoxy coating from fouling. An advanced binder technology controls the self-renewing effect throughout the season. Eliminates copper leakage from old antifouling when used together with Hempel’s Underwater Primer. Compatible with conventional antifouling coatings and can be used on all substrates including aluminium. 

Recommended use As a bottom paint for boats of glass fibre, aluminium, wood, plywood and steel. Recommended for areas with high environmental demands.


  • Covers: 14 m² Per Litre
  • Dry film thickness: 40 micron [1.6 mils]
  • Wet film thickness: 75 micron [3 mils]

Touch Dry:

  • 10c - 30 Minutes
  • 20c - 15 MInutes
  • 30c - 9 Minutes

Surface Dry

  • 10c - 8 Hours
  • 20c - 4 Hours
  • 30c - 2 Hours

Click Here for EcoPower Cruise Datasheet.

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