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Hempel Hard Racing Antifouling - 2.5 Litre

Hempel Hard Racing Antifouling - 2.5 Litre



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Hard Racing Antifouling is a high performance, hard antifouling providing outstanding protection all season. Includes TecCel technology (FOR WHITE) which ensures reduced friction and increased speed.

Formulated especially for powerboats, racing yachts and vessels which are mud berthed; may also be used on vessels that are dry sailed. 

Supplied with a free transit bucket.  


  • Ultimate White (TecCel)  HP-7679A-10101
  • Black  HP-7668E-19990 
  • True Blue  HP-7668E-30390  
  • Red  HP-7668E-56460 
  • Dark Blue  HP-7668E-37110 
  • Grey HP-7668E-12400

Special Offer Bundle Contains:

  • Hempel Blakes Hard Racing Antifouling 2.5ltr
  • Mini Roller Set
  • Plastic Mixing Bucket With Lid
  • 25mm Masking Tape
  • 2" Paint Brush
  • Pair Latex Gloves



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