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Hempel Multicoat Satin Topcoat - 750ml

Hempel Multicoat Satin Topcoat - 750ml



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Hemple Multicoat Satin Topcoat - 750ml

Hempel / Blakes 750ml Multicoat is a high opacity semi-gloss primer and topcoat, providing excellent durability with good resistance to water and oil. Ideal for all areas above the waterline where a semi-gloss durable topcoat is required, including decks, bilges and lockers. Hempel / Blakes Multicoat is also recommended as an intermediary coat on new or bare wood


  • Black   HP-51120/19990
  • Light Blue   HP-51120/33390
  • Light Grey   HP-51120/19500
  • Mid Grey   HP-51120/11480
  • Navy Blue   HP-5112030100     
  • Pale Cream   HP-51120/22210
  • Pillarbox Red   HP-51120/50800
  • White   HP-51120/10000 
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