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Houdini Type 1 Marine Deck Hatch - 25 x 25cm

Houdini Type 1 Marine Deck Hatch - 25 x 25cm



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Houdini Type 1 Marine Deck Hatch - 250 x 250.  Ref17:  MZ-35010

Houdini Marine deck hatch has been manufacturing marine windows for over 30 years and Houdini Hatches have a worldwide reputation for robust construction, quality materials and economic pricing. 

The standard specification

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Alloy safety bars
  • 6mm grey tinted toughened glass
  • Stay arm
  • Aperture size:  250 x 250mm
  • Aperture radius:  75mm
  • Overall size:  284 x 284mm
  • Glass opening size:  220 x 220mm
  • Ventilation stay:  Yes
  • Optional adjustable stays:  No

Type 1 flat inner backing trim

The flat trim is supplied with M5, A2 machine screw and inter screws (capped nuts) for fixing.  These screws require holes to be drilled in the correct position when fitting.  the trim is 3mm thick, is shaped and is cut to fit.

Materials and Construction

Frames are constructed in marine grade aluminium (HE9). All joints are sealed against ingress of water, fish-plated and screwed. The seal is of extruded neoprene or similar. The hatches are glazed with 6mm tinted toughened glass with the exception of the Type 6 which has 8mm.


All hatches must be fitted to a flat surface and bedded down on a good quality non-setting mastic. The outer flange is drilled and countersunk for no.8 self tapping screws or M5 machine screws.

Inner Backing Trim

Inner backing trim for the deck head is not necessarily required if the hatch can be screwed securely into the deck. If an inner backing trim is used there are three types available. These are detailed on this web site under Houdini Hatch accessories.

Please Note That The Image Shown Is Of The Super 50

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