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Ocean EasyStore Inflatable PVC Boat Fender - 25cm x 70cm

Ocean EasyStore Inflatable PVC Boat Fender - 25cm x 70cm

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Inflatable Boat EasyStore PVS Fender - 250mm x 700mm

The EasyStore Inflatable fenders are made of re-inforced, abrasion resistance PVC material. They are light, simple to use and when deflated can be stowed in small lockers. They can be quickly inflated by using any standard or electric pump and easily mounted using the rope supplied. All available in light grey, the larger sizes only have fixing mounts at both ends.

Image shows D-Ring, this size does not come with D-Rings.

Key Features:

  • Welded together not glued
  • Provides easy storage
  • Convenient inflation and deflation
  • Comes with rope


  • Thickness: 0.9mm
  • Material: PVC Body
  • Rope Dia: 7mm 
  • Rope Length: 3
  • Recommended inflation pressure: 2.4 PSI
  • D-Ring on Top: No
  • D-Ring on Bottom: No - Stripe
  • Boat Size: 30-40ft / 9-12m
  • Buoyancy: 35 KG

*An adaptor is needed for the inflation of these fenders


  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Length: 700mm
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