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International Cruiser 200 Antifouling - 2.5 Litre

International Cruiser 200 Antifouling - 2.5 Litre


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Cruiser 200 polishing antifouling from International is effective against fouling organisms such as slime, aquatic plants and animals. It is suitable for professional and consumer application onto vessels in fresh and salt water, and can be applied to all substrates including aluminium. Cruiser 200's eroding technology avoids paint build up and provides up to one year performance.

  • Finish: Matt
  • Type of antifouling: Ablative
  • Substrates: Aluminium/Zinc-Galvanised Steel, Epoxy Composite/Carbon Fibre, Cast Iron, GRP/FRP, Lead, Steel, Wood, Bronze/Stainless Steel
  • Application: Brush, roller and airless spray
  • Outstanding bright finish.
  • Good general purpose antifouling offering one season’s protection in moderate to low fouling areas.
  • Speciality formulated for use in all waters.
  • Polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water, resulting in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction and drag.
  • Formulated for power boats (up to 30 knotts) and sail boats, and suitable for all leisure cruising craft.




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