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International Watertite Epoxy Filler - 1 Litre

International Watertite Epoxy Filler - 1 Litre

Location: SP79

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International Watertite Epoxy Filler - 1 Litre.                Ref:  AF 5-60751 

A quick-drying epoxy filler for long lasting repairs to small areas on suitably primed GRP, metals and rigid wood constructions.

Its key benefit is a fast curing time, excellent for filling small areas quickly and so ideal for the DIY yachtsman. This super?smooth 2-pack formulation has a matt blue finish and can be used on areas above or below the waterline to fill holes at up to 2cm depth per application.

Watertite has excellent resistance to water penetration.

Working with Fillers
Your boat is not only under attack from the elements. Damage can also result from collisions or other physical impacts. Watertite is a two-part water resistant filler, suitable for use with the most common substrates. It can be used both above and below the waterline, filling up to 20mm in depth in one application.


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