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Hammar Liferaft Hydrostatic Release System H20 - 4 man

Hammar Liferaft Hydrostatic Release System H20 - 4 man

Location: Z10

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Hammar Release Systems. H20  Ref18: OS-HAM1015

Suitable for smaller fishing, yacht and recreational life rafts. A Hydrostatic Release System for 4 man liferafts with a 2 year operational life and will release the liferaft when at a depth of 1.5 to 4.0m

Hammar H20 - How does it work?

Inside the Hammar H20, a pin under tension sits in a notch of a spring-loaded knife. The pin is attached to the center of a flexible membrane. At the intended depth, water acts on the membrane pushing it inwards and out of the notch. When the pin is fully out of the notch, the blade can instantly spring forward, cutting through the strong rope and releasing the lashing. The Weak Link™ holds the painter line assuring the necessary pull to inflate the raft as the buoyancy of the liferaft container floats towards the surface. The increased buoyancy of the inflated liferaft will cause the Weak Link™ to break, and the raft can surface.

If the vessel sinks, the increasing water pressure activates the Hammar H20. It automatically releases the liferafts, EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons), or other life-saving appliances it is connected to.

The Hammar H20 is designed to be safe and reliable in all extreme conditions that you and your ship might meet on the oceans. The Manual Release Units (MRU) and Electronic Release Units (ERU) allow for a smooth, controlled release in an early stage of abandoning the ship without compromising the hydrostatic function. The Hammar H20 is designed to cut through the White Strong Rope but may, in some applications, also cut the unshielded electrical cable.



  • Approvals: BV Type Approved, USCG Approved
  • Model Number: HR-0200
  • Breaking Strength: White rope sling: minimum 15 kN, Weak link 1,2 +/- 0,4 kN
  • Release Depth: 1.5 - 4 m
  • Weight: 0.28kg
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