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Majoni Brass Inflation Adaptor Kit With 4x Valves

Majoni Brass Inflation Adaptor Kit With 4x Valves



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Majoni Brass Inflation Adaptor With 4 x Valves                        Ref: SG-IA-V

The smaller threaded end of the adaptor fits the Majoni Fenders, the larger, 2 size end of the adaptor fits a range of foot, hand and stirrup pumps. Enables buoys and fenders to be quickly restored to the correct pressure using a suitable pump.

Instruction on replacing the Majoni valve:

  1. Screw in the inflation adaptor into your fender.
  2. Pull out the valve with the inflation adaptor. (Use plier if you need to)
  3. Unscrew the valve and screw in new valve into inflation adaptor
  4. Insert the new valve into your fender with the inflation adaptor, apply pressure on with your plier.
  5. Use the inflation adaptor to reinflate your fender.

How to Inflate your Majoni fenders:

The best way to inflate a fender is just pushing air pressure from a compressor with a flat head against the valve and the fender will inflate. It also is possible to inflate the fender with a bicycle or car pump with the special adaptor. Please do not use a hand-set with a pin to inflate, because the pin can damage the valve. Best inflation pressure is 0.2 bar / 2.9 psi. This is the pressure where you should be able to press the body of the fender visible easy with your flat hand.

For video demonstration, please watch the following video:

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