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Polyform A4 Premium Quality A Series Mooring Buoys Polyform Mooring Buoy

Polyform A4 Premium Quality A Series Mooring Buoys Polyform Mooring Buoy



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Polyform Premium Quality A Series Mooring Buoys - A4.  Ref: MZ-51067 White, MZ-51067.1 Red, BFD-A4 Yellow,  MZ-51067.4 Blue,   BFD-NAVY

The POLYFORM ™ A Series are supreme heavy duty buoys made in one piece from our unique blend of high class materials.

The A-series buoys are equipped with a rib-reinforced ropehold and are rotmolded from tough, flexible vinyl. The buoys are resistant to all weather conditions. The A-series buoys are used all over the world for different applications, such as in commercial fishing as net buoys, buoys for long lines, lobster and crab pots, markers and as heavy duty fenders. 

  • Colours:  White, Red, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Navy
  • Length:  710mm
  • Diameter (Width): 550mm
  • Rope hold diameter: 28mm
  • Gross buoyancy:  90,0 / 54,0 kg (Recommended maximum load)
  • Weight: 4.10kg

GUIDE LINE - Boat size for A4 Fenders is 24ft - 30ft & 31ft - 45ft

    You may require an inflation adaptor to inflate your buoys 


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    Customer Reviews

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    J & M Green
    Be careful what you wish they say

    I asked for Polyform Norway A4 mooring buoy.
    The Marine Scene website specifically offered the Norway product but they sent a Polyform US A4 mooring buoy, which is made by an altogether different company.
    The Polyform US product is very similar to Polyform Norway, of course, but it's not exactly the same.
    Why does Marine Scene advertise one make and supply me with another?
    Who knows. But who cares, I suppose you say.........