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Shakespeare VHF Radio & Antenna Tester

Shakespeare VHF Radio & Antenna Tester



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Shakespeare VHF Radio & Antenna Tester.                          Ref: MZ-57727

This device tests marine VHF radio and marine VHF antennas. The Shakespeare ART-3 is an impressively versatile device that tests and analyses both your radio and antenna for a variety of issues. Unlike some other similar products, it tests the output power, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio indicates the efficiency of your antenna) and also the receiving ability. The tester is capable of finding many different types of issues in no time, while also being very easy to operate. It is powered by an internal battery or can be connected to 12 VDC with its power cable. Cable to connect ART-3 to your VHF Radio is not supplied. It has PL-259 connectors on each end, already installed.


  • Frequency Range: 155-158 MHz
  • RF Power Scale: 0 to 30 watts
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Accuracy: +/-10%
  • Connectors: SO-239
  • Signal Generator: 3 kHz Deviation
  • Tone: 1000 Hz
  • RF Level: -115 dBM (approx.)
  • Die-cast aluminium construction
  • No serious boater should be without an ART-3
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