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Silva 100B/H Bulkhead Mount Compass With Illumination

Silva 100B/H Bulkhead Mount Compass With Illumination



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The Silva 100B/H is a bulkhead-mounted compass designed for sailboats and yachtsmen that demand absolute accuracy, a steady card in all conditions.  100B/H is equipped with a heeling angle scale and illumination.

The capsule protrudes only 18mm into the cockpit, giving you a range of options for mounting knowing it won't intrude or get in the way when moving around.

Front reading with three yellow balanced lubber lines. These lubber lines stays vertical even if the boat is heeling (max. 45 °). Two lubber lines with 45 ° offset permit reading from the rail or placement at the side of the steering position. Handles unlimited slope of the keel line and 30º heeling.

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