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Silva 103RE Double Scale Compass

Silva 103RE Double Scale Compass



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Detecting wind shifts may be the tiny difference between winning and losing. Silva's tactical scale grades from 0-20, and the figures correspond on port and starboard tack. If the reading on starboard tack is 2, the reading on port after tacking should also be 2. In this way, you only have to remember one figure. This is a great benefit in triangular course sailing, where racers need to watch the wind shifts, rather than their actual course.

The 103RE double scale, divided into a green starboard and a red port scale, allows sailors to read the actual course on port and starboard tack from the helmsman's normal position at the rail. (You no longer have to add 45° to your reading.) The green and red "memory arrows" on the compass housing remind the helmsman to tack from starboard bow if the course decreases, and tack from port bow if the course increases. The top scale allows reading the course on downwind or to check the start line position.

• Height: 150mm
• Depth: 133mm

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