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Slimline Tube Heater With Thermostat - 500mm

Slimline Tube Heater With Thermostat - 500mm



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Slimline Tube Heater With Thermostat - 500mm.       Ref20: MZ-18135

Low power 240V tube heaters create air circulation in enclosed spaces helping to prevent condensation, dampness, freezing mould and mildew. With the added benefit of a thermostat these tube heaters can be left for months turning themselves off when not required.

Fitting - The heater is supplied with brackets for temporary use or for permanent wall mounting or floor standing.

Energy Use - Available in a range of low power options, Slimline Tube Heaters have an energy saving thermostat.

Key Features:





  • Thermostat
  • 1.5m push-fit power cable & plug
  • Brackets supplied
  • 55 Watts
  • Diameter: 40mm 
  • Length: 500mm
  • White enamel finish
  • IP44 rated for water resistance.
  • CE certified and BS EN
  • 60335/1:2002 compliant
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