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Smooth Sail 20 - 500ml

Smooth Sail 20 - 500ml



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Smooth Sail 20.  Ref16:  MZ-08540

If you experience the frustration of slow sail handling due to sails binding, sticking or seizing in their tracks, Smooth Sail 20 is just what is needed.  This is a sail, track and marine fittings lubricator for yachts and dinghies for instantly achieving adjustments and reefing

It will also quickly soften stiff, salt encrusted sail cloth.  It will work wonders on salt contaminated zips and press studs on marine clothing, spray hoods and sail covers etc.

  • Smooth Sail 20 contains no toxis or solvent based ingredients
  • Speed sail hoists
  • Smooth sail slides
  • Reduce chaffing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water based & solvent free
  • 500ml
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